Blogging to Myself – What To Do When You’re Tired

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I’m tired.  Not ‘need a nap’ tired.  Not ‘ran five miles’ tired .  Really tired.

I’m kind of tired that comes from having started down the journey of a jumbo sized family several years ago.  Having a large family is a little like running a small business – managing the team, being responsible for everything, but all the cash flows one direction (granted, a lot of legitimate small businesses are like that).

The big difference is those small businesses can close.  You don’t close a family.  And you don’t want to.  It’s too precious, and the payoff is huge.   Much later.

But I still get tired.  It’s not just the number of children we have – it’s the age spread.  I go from talking about the intricacies of auto insurance to wiping rear ends and back every hour.  Get out of sync on that one and nobody gets their needs met.

So our days, like many of yours, are complicated and long. I find myself crawling out of bed so quickly after crawling in that I meet myself and say “Hey!”.  There are some things that I think about drifting off to sleep and find them to be there in the morning before my feet hit the ground.  This is life in the big leagues, I guess.

That said, I’m developing ways to deal with it – albeit with varying degrees of success – and here are a few.

Get on the phone and say ‘hey’.  Even when I don’t want to.

I’m notoriously introverted.  I don’t need to talk to many people.  I don’t want to talk to many people.

The down side is there are times I have to talk to somebody, and years of not talking to anybody leaves me with a phone full of numbers for people that would find it odd if I called.  Don’t ask me to diagram that sentence.  My point is I’ve had to get over it a little bit and reach out to some people for help processing.

Shut the brain off.  Even when I don’t want to.

I like to figure things out.  I tend to think I can figure anything out, given enough time.  Unfortunately, I usually try to do this at the wrong time…like late at night.  A few nights ago I had an extra large problem on the brain, and it struck me:   Don’t do much thinking when you’re tired or down. Unplug, power down, and you will be smarter and braver in the morning.

I’m not sure the theory worked, but I promise you no fix I would have cooked up that night would have been effective.  So why waste the thinking time?

Go to bed.  Even when I don’t want to.

You’d think that someone who is blogging about being tired would understand the importance of going to bed…but usually, our days are so busy that once everyone is down for the night, I want to veg out a little bit.

All of a sudden it’s 1am and I’m thinking “Whoa, I’m tired…”.  Just pull the plug and close your eyes.

To make this blog any longer would be counterproductive.  I’m keeping you awake.

I’m tired.  I’m out.


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