Sons & Daughters Update

We usually post things about one or two of the tribe here or there, but I thought I’d try and do an all-kids update for those who wonder what really is all going on at one time.

In anticipation of a wedding next summer, Jackson is working at Tesla Motors at their new location on the Country Club Plaza, then running five doors down and working a second job at the Apple store.  He also serves as The Big Hero to Scout, who thinks Jackson is the coolest.  Jackson’s fiance, Mari, is a huge hit with the family – especially the little girls who are so eager for a big sister!

Grayson is serving as an interning with Tom Demeret of Pentecost Walk, handling social media and web development and will be traveling quite a bit as they work on logistics for a nationwide prayer walk.  He’s also continuing to write and perform as a spoken word poet.  Grayson is a fantastic big brother, too.  He’s pictured here with Piper.

Zion is a high school freshman.  He recently suffered a hard elbow to the head on the soccer field, resulting in a concussion.  As a result, he has sat out for two weeks, which is something like torture for him.  He was also on strict orders to do no homework, which he seemed to adapt to rather easily.   Just this week, he was cleared to work with a trainer on a five step process to return to the field.  Zion was excited to make the pool of 40 players who will be called up for the Olympic Development Program over the next few months.  Doing well in those games would mean a shot at Kansas’ ODP team.

Zoe turned nine this month!  She participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony at Zoe’s House Adoptions and was so pleased with herself for it!  She’s also quick to point out that she’s ‘the Zoe’ that inspired the name.  Zoe is in third grade and likes to read to her younger sisters.  She is also becoming a very welcomed and helpful second set of eyes and ears for us when it comes to Scout’s whereabouts.   This little girl started an adoption revolution that has not stopped.

Anna is enjoying her first grade year flying solo!  After having them together for kindergarten, the school decided they’d like to put the twins in different classes so this year, Mercy and Piper are in one room with Anna in the other.  It took her about fifteen seconds to decide that it wasn’t just ok, it was perfect! She loves her teacher and is happy as a clam so long as someone in charge can answer her regular questions about the schedule

Mercy is a mystic and a dreamer.  As passionate as Anna is about times and places, Mercy’s heart is full of potential and what-if thoughts.  We occasionally find her sitting in the back yard contemplating the existence of a tree.  While Anna’s questions can usually be answered with hard facts, Mercy’s are philosophical and ultimately harder!  She has also mastered the art of building houses with Skipbo cards – but don’t bump her table.

Piper is following in Zion’s footsteps and playing soccer this year!  She is also in first grade and gets a little puzzled when the school staff jokes about ‘The Bohlender Triplets’.  Piper is the first to unpack her backpack and get her school work done. Sometimes being the youngest of three first graders can serve as a motivator, I guess.  She’s pictured here enjoying a Brazillian buffet – a special birthday treat date with dad.  Dad wasn’t complaining either!

Creed can only be described as ‘all boy’.  He is handsome, happy, and ready to play.  While Cadence has been the more verbal of the two so far, Creed has come into his own in a 2 day preschool class they attend.  He’s far more confident than she is there and really leads the way.  It’s been fun to watch them swap roles a little bit. Creed’s favorite things are legos, cars, and his Grandma, although not in that order.

Cadence is passionate about everything.  Her joys are higher than anyone elses and her trials are bigger as well – or so she thinks.  As the twins grow, she is having less success at giving direction to Creed, but she’s come to terms with the idea that perhaps she’s raised him well.  In this photo, she’s displaying her rock and leaf collection.  It was very important to her that you see it and reflect on it’s deeper meaning.

Scout has been the surprise of the year.  We had no idea he was on his way, but he entered our hearts in a big way.  We cringe to think what might have been if the right phone calls had not gotten through to us, or if some family members had not made great sacrifices for him.  We are so grateful for those who fought alongside us in prayer to bring him home.  He is deeply loved by his siblings and his parents.

And us?  We’re a little tired!

Even so, we feel the nearness of God and the gentle wind of the Holy Spirit.  It often comes in the dark of night when we need it the most.  Kelsey is juggling mom duties, volunteer efforts at the kids’ school, and her own schoolwork in her final year at Regent.  I am leaning into leading the team at the adoption agency and trying to figure out what it means to father well.

And that’s us right now.