A Little(s) Roundup

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Often – daily – I get asked “so, how are all the little ones?”, so I thought it would be beneficial to go ahead and round up the whole answer in one spot.  Here are updates on the littles and the bigs.

Scout will be 2 on February 3rd, and Scout  is happy.  Happy to wake up, happy to see his family, and happy to go to sleep.  These waves of happiness are sometimes interrupted by frustration about his sisters or his sippy cup, but largely he goes through life with an amused look on his face, as if he has figured out the joke before the rest of us.

Creed & Cadence will be 5 in March and absolutely love pre-school.  They go three days a week and grouse the other two because they have to stay home.  Creed is a man of Legos while Cadence spends her time inserting herself into her big sisters’ lives.

Anna, Piper and Mercy are 8, 7 and 8.  They are all in the third grade and are on the edge of launching careers as spies, although they often grow frustrated that they’re not better at the craft than they wish they were.

Anna is very fact-oriented. She likes schedules and details.  Piper is quick to challenge her older brother to a game of indoor soccer (like….in the house).  Mercy is the peacemaker.  Also the bed maker.  We value it all.

Zoe is 10 and loves being the big sister.  We’ve had a challenging year with some of her needs but we are making good progress.  She is growing inside and out – she’s quite tall and sometimes we get a glimpse into what it will be like to have a teenage girl around the house!

As for the Bigs, Zion is a sophomore in high school and continues to pursue soccer and music.  Most days involve school, special training, soccer practice with his club team or the Olympic Development Program, a large dinner, and some late night guitar.

Grayson is currently on the road performing as a spoken word poet.  He will be home in a week or two but is currently in Florida in January and it makes a lot of sense to me when I think about it that way.

Jackson and Mari have just celebrated six months as newlyweds.  Mari is finishing her music degree this semester while Jackson continues to work at Tesla and Apple, which fortunately are about a block apart down on Kansas City’s Plaza.

Big family life isn’t easy.  It’s rewarding.  Thanks for going on the journey with us.

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