Kelsey and I have heavily invested in the things that the Lord has laid on our heart – specifically the prayer movement, the need for solemn assemblies, and the importance of turning the hearts of a nation back to their children.   Your support is key to help this continue.

How To Participate


A Shot in the Arm!

Shot In The Arm gifts are INTEGRAL for missionaries like us who are not funded entirely by monthly donors.

Use THIS LINK to give us a shot in the arm.  These gifts are not tax deductible, but it will make a difference for us TODAY. These are especially helpful for projects.


You can give a one-time gift or set up a reoccurring pledge (both tax deductible) at our ministry page with Modern Day Missions.

There is something special about making a commitment.   Please consider being one of those that we can count on month after month, at the financial level you feel comfortable with.

Prefer not to give online? You can write a check to MODERN DAY and send it to us at: Randy Bohlender, PO Box 481772, Kansas City, Missouri 64148


God is creative, and so are His people.  Maybe you have a second hand car or computer that we could put to work or convert to cash.  Don’t let stuff set around, help us put it to work for the kingdom!

Email me and we’ll figure out a way to make it work for all of us!



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