Culturally Speaking

Please pray for Alabama state Senator Alvin Holmes, suffering this morning from an acute case of Diarrhea of the Mouth.  The ABC Affiliate in Montgomery, Alabama reports Senator Holmes as saying – from the floor of the state house that Republican lawmakers would support abortion of…

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Jesus, Harvard and Chick fil a

A few days ago, Joshua Dubois delivered the annual William Belden Noble Lecture at Harvard University.  Dubois, formerly President Obama’s Director of Faith Based Initiatives, is also the author of the recently released “The President’s Devotional:  The Daily Readings that Inspired President Obama.” The lecture…

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Two The Hard Way

Frequent readers will know I’ve taken to running.  It’s not pretty.  In fact, I don’t run so much as I lumber like Pooh in search of a honeycomb. I started last fall and ran until it was too cold (for me).  With the weather warming…

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Putting Your Yes on the Table

Our adoption and ministry journeys have been intertwined from day one. We had always thought about adoption, but thought about it seriously because of our commitment to the pro life cause.  We have always been solution oriented, and we wanted to provide a solution for…

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You see wet diapers, I see an army.

Take a good look at the crew above.   Anna, in the hat, is a piece of work.  Next to her is Piper, our bucket of sunshine.  Behind the stroller, large and in charge, stands Zoe.  Mercy, the thinker, is on the right.  Cadence and…

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So you fancy yourself a planter….

It is no secret that I love church planting.  Kelsey and I have been termed Serial Starters. We’ve started churches, schools, foundations, and a host of other small things.  The idea of starting with a handful of people and a clean sheet of paper is…

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I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

The headline is at once intriguing and scary. CBS REPORTS 300 Inmates Escape From Chilean Prison Following Deadly 8.2 Quake The idea of these guys suddenly running free is pretty freaky – and yet it’s hard not to think of two other prisoners freed when Earth’s…

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When We Serve

Jesus equated leadership with servanthood.  It was more than a dramatic object lesson for Him at the last supper.  It was a way of life and a way of death.   He knew and demonstrated the value that to be a leader was to be…

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Sitting in My Own Pew

I attended a religious service this morning and sat in the pew above.  We normally attend conventional services but that didn’t happen today, so there I sat. It wasn’t quite as empty as it appears.  I was sitting there, but had to get up to…

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The Double Helix of Life

Faith and need are the double helix of life. You have needs.  You have faith. Needs are met, faith grows, and bam.  You have needs again. It is beautiful and dizzying all at once.   For every Readers Digest story you read that relates an…

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