Let’s Help Justice

UPDATE: Stated goal has been met in less than 8 hours.  Can we do better?  Is the LORD extravagant?  Let’s keep it up and send them far over the top… Justice Thomas is the two year old son of IHOPKC worship leader Jaye Thomas and his…

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What About The Money

This is a repost of an article I wrote years ago regarding adoption and funding.  Please share it with those who might be tentative to adopt because of the cost. ——- Hands down, the most common objection we hear about adoption involves the cost.  It…

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Our Toxic Love Affair

Yesterday’s post gathered a strange amount of steam, given that it was published on an Easter afternoon.  Oddly, I sort of pecked it out in ten minutes and hit the GO button. Even so, it was tweeted, then retweeted, then reretweeted, if that’s a thing….

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The Missing Line Item

My first introduction to serious budgeting came when I was on staff at the Cincinnati Vineyard. Until then, I’d served in smaller churches where the budget was “If we have it, we’ll spend it”.  I’m not advocating that approach, I’m just saying that’s how it…

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A Values Adjustment

Values change.  If you read the news or watch culture from a 40,000 foot view, you can see it even within your lifetime.  The nature of man is such that we tend to value the trivial more over time, and then get yanked back to…

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We’re All At Risk

I paint a pretty picture of adoption.  I do that easily, because our adoptions look like the face above, which is to say stunning.  Zoe, 7, is drop dead gorgeous. When we adopted Zoe at birth, the told us she ‘could be at-risk’.    How’s…

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Culturally Speaking

Please pray for Alabama state Senator Alvin Holmes, suffering this morning from an acute case of Diarrhea of the Mouth.  The ABC Affiliate in Montgomery, Alabama reports Senator Holmes as saying – from the floor of the state house that Republican lawmakers would support abortion of…

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Jesus, Harvard and Chick fil a

A few days ago, Joshua Dubois delivered the annual William Belden Noble Lecture at Harvard University.  Dubois, formerly President Obama’s Director of Faith Based Initiatives, is also the author of the recently released “The President’s Devotional:  The Daily Readings that Inspired President Obama.” The lecture…

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Two The Hard Way

Frequent readers will know I’ve taken to running.  It’s not pretty.  In fact, I don’t run so much as I lumber like Pooh in search of a honeycomb. I started last fall and ran until it was too cold (for me).  With the weather warming…

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Putting Your Yes on the Table

Our adoption and ministry journeys have been intertwined from day one. We had always thought about adoption, but thought about it seriously because of our commitment to the pro life cause.  We have always been solution oriented, and we wanted to provide a solution for…

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