Dreaming forward.

Dreaming forward.

I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.  Psalm 16:7 ESV

Sometimes, I need a gentle reminder.  Other times, I need a good swift kick in the pants.

Neither of these will ever take the place of a God-given dream, though, and recently, I had one.

Let me issue the necessary disclaimer – not all dreams are of God, and I wouldn’t sell the farm based on one dream.  Even so, I find we more often dismiss our dreams than weigh them.  Most of us are so far from going overboard in listening to dreams that it’s worth the risk.

Or we could continue to do nothing, if that seems to be working for us.

Regardless, if you’re not at least considering your dream life as you listen to the Lord, you’re probably missing a few pieces – or perhaps, even the whole pie.

Recently I was presented with an opportunity related to adoption.  

This opportunity is big.  It’s bigger than us.  It’s a God-sized one, but the scope of an opportunity doesn’t always mean that it’s God.  The enemy and circumstance can both open some crazy doors.  I was praying through all this, excited about the opportunity but tentative – I didn’t want to be woo’d into something because it sounded good.  I needed to hear from the Lord.

I began to ask God to speak to me in any way possible – my history, His word, people, dreams – and then started to actively listen.  The opportunity dovetailed with our history well, it wasn’t contrary to His word, friends around us were very supportive….but still, I asked for more.  I didn’t want to dive into something in relation to adoption, which affects so many hearts and lives, only to have missed God.

One night, I dreamed.  I won’t go into all the details – they’re pertinent, but I’m not ready to pull the cover off things quite yet.  I will say this…that during the dream, I was carrying a black doctor’s satchel.  I carried it everywhere.  Even in the midst of the dream, I wondered “Why am I carrying this?  I don’t even own one like this….”.

At the end of the dream, I sat the satchel on a table and opened it up.  Laying in the bottom was a baby, sleeping contently.

In that moment, I heard The Voice.  The Voice thundered “I still want you to carry this….”.

He wanted me to carry this.  It was not time to set the adoption message aside.  In fact, He had plans.

I woke up suddenly and knew this opportunity was right.  I am not going into it blind or unaware, but I do feel commissioned.  He wants me to carry this.  He told me in the night.

More details to come soon.  Please pray for us.  No, we’re not adopting.  No, we’re not moving.  But this is going to rock, and it’s going to be a very fun story to tell.