Killers for Life?

Over the weekend, an unstable man went on a shooting spree near and in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood.    The crazy wasn’t limited to Colorado Springs – or to one side of the abortion arguement.

While the bullets were still flying, some on the far political right were already disputing that it was a Planned Parenthood incident.  Never mind the fact that the first 911 calls came from Planned Parenthood.

These political operatives – not specificially pro life activists, but the sort of political hacks who look to leverage every tragedy and work on both sides of the aisle – were insisting it was an attack on a bank.   Granted, perhaps CNN didn’t know exactly what was happening – but neither did the conservative twitter alarmists more concerned with covering their flank than with the fact that people were being shot.

Of course, not all the crazy was on one side.

This morning, The Washington Post was blaming Republican leaders for using the phrase “baby parts” in describing what Planned Parenthood was found to be selling in recent undercover videos.

Uhm, well this is awkward….because that’s exactly what was being sold.   The article goes on to say that after the videos were released, threats on Planned Parenthood skyrocketed, and that “someone even posted a $10,000 cash reward on a Fox Nation website for the execution of the Planned Parenthood doctor in the video.”

Has the Post ever read the comments of any given news source?  CNN?  There are loonies in the comment section of the Post’s own article.  The fact is that crazy exists and like water, will always find a way to spill over.  Also, if you are going to blame this shooting on CSPAN debate (I’m not sure this guy was even a CSPAN watcher…) can we also revisit the role of Hollywood on violence?

You there on the left, and you there on the right, pull your head out the box for a minute. Let’s all agree that this shooting was tragic.

Righties, sometimes your paranoid political arm that seeks to provide pro lifers some help needs to put their phone away and just wait to see what develops.   And lefties, quit trying to hang every tragedy on people you disagree with.  Sometimes crazy is crazy before it picks a side.

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