Free Audio Book

The original purpose of the Jesus Killed My Church audio book was to generate a little jingle to produce the Kindle and print versions.  Both have gone on to publication and can be found on Amazon and other retail outlets.

Meanwhile, I have a huge value for the economy of free and don’t feel compelled to charge for this anymore.  Additionally, I’m a citizen of a kingdom where free goes a long way.

Listen in a browser or right click, save as, and enjoy on the fly!

If you’d still like to donate, you can do so here, but either way, you can listen for free – and spread the word!

Chapter  1 – Perfect Timing
Chapter  2 – An Uncomfortable Position
Chapter  3 – Eight is Enough
Chapter  4 – A Hint of Things to Come
Chapter  5 – A Study in Opposites
Chapter  6 – The Big Realization
Chapter  7 – Location, Location, Location
Chapter  8 – Launch Mode
Chapter  9 – Brother Bohlender
Chapter 10 – Dreams and Wrecking Balls
Chapter 11 – Believing for a Place
Chapter 12 – A Call to the Wilderness
Chapter 13 – Send the Rain
Chapter 14 – Redefining Weird
Chapter 15 – Wave After Wave
Chapter 16 – Running Out of Changes
Chapter 17 – Plant or Die Trying
Chapter 18 – Santa is Drunk
Chapter 19 – Invited to a Classroom
Chapter 20 – The Take-Aways






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