We have a tribe of our own.  (one missing in photo!)

The first three, Jackson Taylor, Grayson Alexander David and Zion Isaiah, came a logical four years apart.   We had full hearts and full hands with three boys and couldn’t have been happier, or so we thought.

In 2006, when Zion was five, we adopted a newborn from Las Vegas, Nevada.  We named her Savannah Zoe, which means “from a barren field, LIFE!”.  Zoe became the name fit.

Two years later, we adopted newborn twin girls from the panhandle of Florida. Their adoption was unexpected – although well planned by God.  It took us a few days to come up with names but finally landed on Anna River and Mercy Rain, symbolizing the river of intercession that is rising across the earth and the blessings of God that will rain down when we reach for Him.

Ten months after we adopted the twins, Kelsey gave birth to Piper Eden Key.   Piper is a song bird and, as I often tell her, a regular bucket of sunshine.

When Anna and Mercy were three and a half, we received a call about another set of twins about to be born – their half siblings!  We were honored to be allowed to adopt the little boy and girl at their birth as well. These two are Creed Elijah and Cadence Eliyana, whose names demonstrate the spoken word and song of the Lord.

Recently, we were honored to bring Scout Caleb Justice into the tribe.  The bio sibling of our twins, Scout is a forerunner who will bring a good report and see the promised land because of it.

Mercy, Jackson and Anna

Cadence & Creed

The Fabulous Zoe

Life is good.

Kelsey and Zion

Dad gets the treatment.

Grayson and his biggest fans.

Zion, Anna, Grayson, Zoe, Piper, Kelsey and Mercy

Anna and Mercy

Creed & Cadence as newborns.

Cadence, Jackson and Creed